Raj and Bernard

Experience Time in a Bottle

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Raj Peter Bhakta, BHAKTA Spirits possesses the oldest, rarest, and most valuable collection of spirits in the world.

“They say we cannot buy time. Here is an exception: Time in a bottle and all the wisdom that comes with it.”

The Ethos

Bhakta Brandy 50

BHAKTA Spirits

BHAKTA Spirits is the purveyor of the most exquisite spirits in the world. Through a combination of strategic acquisition, creative casks, and craft production, we offer you the chance to experience “time in a bottle.”

The Four Pillars

We are intrigued by the RARE, though, scarcity itself is insufficient: we pursue the EXQUISITE. Yet we seek ASSETS, not ostentation, in our collection, and we do this with PURPOSE. Our goal with BHAKTA Spirits is Revival: of overlooked spirits, of decrepit farms, and more.

BHAKTA Single Vintage Armagnac

BHAKTA Vintage Armagnac Collection

Explore our one-of-a-kind collection of single-vintage Armagnac spanning 1946 - 2002. Pure expressions of a single year, finished in neutral Gascon oak and continuing a more than 700 year French tradition of excellence.

The CollectionSpirits

BHAKTA Vintages

Single Vintage Armagnac



Barrel 23 "Morgan"


Limited Edition

BHAKTA 27-07


An Introduction

The Treasure HunterRaj Peter Bhakta

The treasure hunter Raj

Raj Peter Bhakta

Raj went from investment banking to real-estate to reality TV to a run for Congress to a failed Vermont dairy farm. There, brooding in his Elba in dire financial straits, he essentially sparked the craft rye whiskey movement out of necessity. Eight years later, he walked away from WhistlePig Whiskey, having created a billion-dollar brand and a personal fortune.

This new venture is an act of love, not desperation. Having spent a lifetime acquiring an encyclopedic knowledge of fine spirits and the capital necessary to secure them, Raj Peter Bhakta is proud to welcome you to his personal cellars.

The Treasure

The Brandy Revival

Grain is an industrial product that can be handled like the dirt from which it springs. Fruit is fragile, fickle, and delicious. The inherent complexity of fruit, and the artisanal touch required to coax it into a spirit worth drinking, drove our decision to make brandy our first offering. Brandy has long been misunderstood—slandered even—but in a world careening towards conformity, brandy is a stubborn dissenter.

Armagnac: Reclusive Regent of Brandy

Among brandies, Cognac gets most of the attention, which has made Armagnac the last bastion of artisanal spirits production. Our oldest Armagnac was born of grapes harvested in 1868 that were crushed under foot by children whose grandchildren are themselves dead and gone. The same custom alembic still used for production in the age of kings and emperors remains in service today. Ponder that antiquity, that commitment to craft. You will find neither anywhere else.