BHAKTA Spirits is headquartered on the former Green Mountain College campus in Poultney, Vermont.

Here we host three-day, invite-only trade events where we educate members of the spirits industry on Armagnac and the “Drink Vintage” movement. Each event includes the opportunity to revel on campus as we explore the vintage spirits library, explore and relax in Vermont's abundant outdoors, and revive through our ritual of “The Griswold Method”—breath-based meditation, coupled with sauna immersions and cold plunges.

Trade Visits

Experience three days of BHAKTA at our brand-immersion experience. Leave feeling refreshed—and enriched with an education on Armagnac.

Our Properties

Reviving Old PLaces

Though our ambitions in the realm of fine spirits are vast, we see beyond the ephemeral. Field by field, stone by stone, we are revitalizing farms, businesses, and communities.

Our Properties

Chateau Bhakta

Built before the French Revolution, Château BHAKTA is an historic 18th century manor and chai in the heart of France’s Armagnac region. The property most recently passed through five generations of the noble Ryst-Dupeyron family. Now, in its first generation of Bhaktas, Raj has begun the painstaking task of restoring the baroque glory (and yes, a touch of ostentation) to the abode of the oldest spirits known to man.

Our Properties

The BHAKTA-Griswold Campus

Founded as a college in 1834—and most recently operating under the name of “Green Mountain College,” the campus closed its doors in 2019. With 22 buildings comprising over 400,000 square feet set on over 130 acres in the bucolic foothills of the Green Mountains, this historic campus has evolved into a one-of-a-kind experiential destination for the spirits industry.

Our Properties


Initially developed by Dutch immigrants after World War II as a flower farm—including a sophisticated set of dykes and berms patterned after those used in Holland— The BHAKTA Ranch is located in Vero Beach, Florida. Its 900 acres are home to more than 500 cattle (and countless alligators and wild hogs). Raj is developing the property into a “cane to glass” rum distillery.

Our Properties

The Rich Farm

Established in 1781, the Rich Farm in Shoreham (named for its founder Thomas Rich) encompasses 700 acres of rolling fields and woodlots in Vermont’s Champlain Valley. Once the prosperous home of an innovative agriculturalist and five-term U.S. Congressman, it had fallen into disrepair. Today, the grand farmhouse has been restored and the fields planted with grapes and grain.

Notes From the Founders

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Address: 1 Brennan Circle, Poultney, Vermont, 05764

For more information, or if you'd like to schedule a visit to the retail space, contact our Minister of Hospitality, Morgan French:
(787) 365 - 5936

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